Andrew Fedosky

First step: write something.

Initially published

Hello! Welcome to my inaugural blog post, inspired by Matt Mullenweg's birthday call-to-arms (or blogging) for the new year:

I want you to blog.

Publish a post. About anything! It can be long or short, a photo or a video, maybe a quote or a link to something you found interesting. Don't sweat it. Just blog. Share something you created, or amplify something you enjoyed. It doesn't take much. The act of publishing will be a gift for you and me.

I found Matt through his recent interview with Tim Ferriss, who has been a portal to a huge variety of interesting thinkers and tremendously influential in my personal development the past couple years.

The idea has been fermenting in my brain for a while that I want a creative outlet, some sort of "corpus" or "body of work" (to borrow Matt's words from his interview) that all the different facets of my life - martial arts, music, adventures, personal/professional development - can intersect at. Simultaneously, I've wanted to spend less time on social media and felt increasingly uncomfortable with how tied to Big Tech ecosystems I've been. Derek Sivers' discussion on tech independence really spoke to that discomfort and was another ingredient in the mental concoction that's been brewing for months.

Creative work. Technological freedom. Intersection of life's passions. How to make all these happily mesh?

Thus, is born. My little slice of the internet. A slice that I truly own. Utilizing Mr. Sivers guide to breaking the chains of ecosystems, I set up my own virtual private server at which this digital garden is planted. Hand-coded with love for now and version-controlled with the git CLI.

I'm looking forward to the future possibilities with this little publishing cottage connected to the world. I have no idea where it will lead, but I feel energized and excited about it. Just the act of writing this post has brought me joy after kind of a wonky day at work.

So happy birthday Matt and thank you for the gentle nudge off the publishing fence!


P.S. As someone with a casual familiarity with WWE and only just starting to follow it regularly, it was pretty cool to see The Rock show up on RAW Day 1, talk some shit, and throw a People's Elbow!